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New market

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Employees as "actors"

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Feedback is a gift

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New plateform

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Preventive maintenance

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"For CIPOSA, a satisfied customer is a happy customer who succeeds and comes back."
Florian Stauffer, CEO


New markets

In its 2021 retrospective, Ciposa informed us of its willingness to diversify into other markets, not related to the watch industry and across its borders.

Taking advantage of Switzerland's stability, which is today an advantage offering opportunities to gain visibility, it has appointed sales representatives well established in identified strategic markets.

It was through one of these agents that a quote request for electro-technical components assembly was submitted to Ciposa. In this sector, the trend towards miniaturization is very strong.

Ciposa's skills in micro-assembly quickly became a determining factor in the supplier choice for this project.

The visit of the facilities with machines being assembled, convinced the client to choose Ciposa for the realization of its project.

The strategy of relying on its proven standard platforms in the watchmaking field to develop its activities in other industrial sectors that have the same constraints confirms to be the right way for Ciposa's diversification.



Like many businesses, Ciposa had to deal with supply chain delays.

When the delivery of a single component becomes a project bottleneck, solutions must be found to continue delivering machines on time.

One of the first solutions was to temporarily install equipment on the machines, such as a PC or a valves block, in order to continue following the initial schedule as best aswhile waiting for the final equipment.

A second was to conduct a major search for alternative products with shorter delivery times.

Of course, these two solutions were only meant to get through this crisis and could not be a long-term solution.

To avoid such problems from happening again, Ciposa has refined its order intake forecasts to increase its stocks accordingly.

Even today, some strategic components have delivery times of over a year, but thanks to advance orders, Ciposa is able to integrate these lead times into its projects schedule.


Employees as "actors"

For Ciposa, the well-being of its employees is certainly the central element of its organization. What is behind this concept ?

Let's start with a definition. Well-being at work can be perceived as a scam. Indeed, work requires tension, energy, effort, stress, and sometimes pain. But it's not a punishment, it's a way to develop itself, making the most of one's talents. Well-being at work can't be achieved in a toxic environment, but in one that provides a certain psychological safety, in which it is possible to take risks, develop its creativity, and undertake new challenges.

To this end, Ciposa has developed a culture of organizational management in which decisions are taken collectively and in a decentralized way. This is called distributed governance. In this circle organization, power and responsibility are distributed among all members, rather than being concentrated in the hands of a small group of managers.

This management method, involving transparency of information, allows teams to work more collaboratively and flexibly to respond to changes quickly and effectively. Moreover, it promotes communication and close collaboration between employees, quick adaptation to changes, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

In summary, investing in collaborators well-being improves the health of the company, increases productivity, reduces stress, and, of course, attracts and retains talent.


Feedback is a gift

"Feedback" and "non-violent communication" are essential tools for a distributed organization.

Ciposa expects that the communication between its collaborators will be smooth, that things can be said in an authentic way, even when it's a bit uncomfortable.

That's why, in collaboration with the company "We Reinvent SA", Ciposa has offered its collaborators a training course on "giving feedback" topic.

Because feedback is an important communication tool that aims to reinforce positive behaviors and results, thus encouraging collaborators to perform at their best level.

More than 50% of Ciposa's employees have taken advantage of a skills assessment and are developing their "know-how" within the company through personalized coaching.


New Platform

The first CIMOD AS.4 was delivered 10 years ago. In 2022, Ciposa started the development of its new assembly platform.

Not only will this new development benefit from the major technological advances of the past 10 years, but particular attention is being paid to even greater flexibility.

Modularity, for example, has been extended to the Z axis, able to embed new standard and "plug and play" modules to fits the processes to be performed by the new AS.4.

Multi-process is also a key element of this new development. This platform will be able to receive other modules, such as specific assembly, screwing, or dispensing.

The machine's performance has also been improved. The cycle time will be reduced by 10 to 20%, and power consumption by over 60%.

This new platform will have a new design. Which, for the history, has triggered a new graphic charter Ciposa logo evolution.

It should also be noted that this new AS.4 will host the new software with customizable widgets according to customer and access levels.

This software was developed by Ciposa, based on the framework of the company dgtis.

This new platform will be available in 2024.


Preventive Maintenance

Since 2020, Ciposa has been offering preventive maintenance contracts. In 2022, no less than 57 machines benefited from this service.

These contracts include an annual intervention on site. During this day, the machine is inspected and calibrated.

This also makes it possible to anticipate any breakdowns and plan corrective actions, thus avoiding unscheduled machine downtime.

By assigning this maintenance to Ciposa, customers ensure optimal use of their production tool for a whole year.

Almost all of the maintenance contracts were renewed for 2023, proving that this service does indeed meet a need.


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