POC, Proof of Concept

Whether it means:

  • A prototype for which functional/validation tests must be performed,
  • A new product or device that must be assembled,
  • An existing product or device, manually assembled, and for which an industrial assembly project is considered,

Before to start any investment phase/expenditure, sometimes it is appropriate to demonstrate the feasibility of an assembly or control process

It is by conducting a POC that we recommend to our Customers to carry out this step.

Concretely, a simplified functional module is prepared that will make possible to test the process in real "assembly conditions/situation" and, if necessary, adapt or "fine-tune" some parameters/values.

Final benefit is, because the process(es) is(are) validated and, they can be integrated and implemented on an assembly equipment with a "get it right the first time" functionality that means time/costs savings.

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