After-Sales Service, Quality Circle and maintenance contracts

This page presents the three main customer services offered by Ciposa.


At Ciposa, the "After Sales Service" is involved in a project from the very beginning. It is already involved in the design of the machine, and then it is present during the debugging process. This allows for an easier and leaner transition from the " Tuning " to the " Service " department after the machine has been put in service by the customer.

Taking in consideration the maintenance aspect when designing a machine, will simplify future service interventions.


The role of the after-sales service during the different stages of a project.

Before delivery

  • The service department is involved in the realization of the maintenance manual. To ensure that it is functional and contains all important information in a clear way.
  • The after-sales service is also responsible for the maintenance training of all the operators involved in the project. The objective is to ensure the client's autonomy.

During installation

  • The after-sales service provides on-site maintenance training. 1 day at installation, and another day 2 to 3 weeks later.
  • As an option, it offers production support.

After installation

  • The After Sales Service provides online and on-site support.
  • 12 or 24 months after installation, at the end of the warranty period. The after-sales service analyses the machine and produces a level 3 maintenance plan.

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Ciposa provides all its customers with a continuous improvement service, the "Quality Circle".

This service allows, through regular visits, to analyze the performance of the machines in production.

By listening carefully and competently, and in collaboration with all Ciposa's departments, it can offer its customers improvements and innovative solutions to meet their production requirements.

The in-depth knowledge of its machines, added to the relevant analysis of production requirements. Allows Ciposa, in collaboration with its customers, to develop customized solutions dedicated to each request.

For Ciposa, a machine in production at its customers' premises is just the beginning of a new relationship. Ciposa is committed to customer satisfaction throughout the life cycle of their machines.

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Ciposa offers different models of maintenance contracts, adapted to the machines and the specific needs of its customers.

Several packages are available, including fast and quality service, on site or online.

The preventive maintenance contract includes, among other things, an annual on-site visit to check the health of the machine. During this visit we clean and lubricate the machine, check its accuracy and reliability. This contract also includes the Quality Circle analysis.

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