Vision dedicated to Automation

Fully integrated "machine-automation-vision" Industrial Vision Solution that natively includes all control/command protocols thus adaptable with/to all processes/applications types.

Software Vision tool fully developed by Ciposa that allow to rapidly and easily add or implement new specific tools Open system that can easily use and integrate all type of standard hardware material (cameras, lenses, lightings, filters)

Applications developed on our EYEspex software

  • Small and micro-parts/components screening and finding
  • Measurements
  • Position/side/orientation/shape recognition and discrimination
  • Surface verification and control
  • OCR, OCV, barre-codes, data-matrix

EYEspex JEWEL, Diamonds sorting and counting dedicated application
Allows the measurement and the control of:

  • Diameters
  • Roundness
  • Total height and/or girdle height
  • Culet height
  • Cullet angle
  • Culet defects
  • Table defects 

EYEspex 3D PROFILE, "Line-scan" application for watches/medical components dimensional control

  • Dimensional control
  • Accuracy ±1μm
  • Shape recognition/control
  • Surface control


Melee diamonds screening and sorting

Precious stones control and sorting

Dimensional control (before, during, after assembly process) of:

  • Precision formed parts
  • Precision turned parts
  • Micro-screws and precision screws
  • Micro-springs and precision springs
  • Dental implants

Surgical implants integrity/aspect control

On-process vision control, measurement, operator aid