In Vision field, we have acquired a strong and in-depth knowhow that bring us far beyond basic hardware and software integration.

Our applications, developed on our EYEspex software, meet the usual Industrial Vision requirements.

To answer to our Customer's needs, more and more specifics and focused and for a use in

much diversified application and market sectors, we have developed a "vision tool" highly flexible, versatile and intuitive.

  • Live (real-time) and simultaneous management of up to 8 cameras/stations
  • Fast and reliable images management, transfer, coding and saving 
  • Real-time images inspection/analysis/comparison with images referenced in library
  • LabView, from National Instrument, proven and stable development environment that benefit from an efficient worldwide support
  • A basic extended standard configuration that cover the majority of the needs
  • Used in a wide range of applications and market sectors


Small and micro-parts/components screening and finding


Position/side/orientation/shape recognition and discrimination

Surface verification and control

OCR, OCV, barre-codes, data-matrix

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