Understand and then integrate our Customer's processes to thus, bring them reliable, reproducible, efficient and profitable is the essence of our business.

We commit, alongside to our Customers, for a perfect achievement of their projects of production automatization with, as final goal, their complete satisfaction.


Thanks to our skilled Engineers, Technicians and Mechanics team, we can face and meet our Customers challenges in terms of design, development and fine-tuning.

By means of a close listening of our interlocutors, the integration of innovative solutions, and by capitalizing on more than 50 year knowledge, we design for and deliver to our Customers their tomorrow solutions and automation equipments.

Project management

Perfectly aware that, the best equipment is out of scope if not fully efficient and operational within the defined time limits or if it doesn't match Customer specifications, we pay a particular importance to the equipment manufacturing Project Management.

  • A primary "in-depth" design review
  • Regular project review with the Customer throughout all project life cycle
  • A fully transparent and continuous communication with the Customer
  • Quantifiable and measurable acceptation and validation criteria

Are some of the keys principles we apply to ensure a successful project achievement.

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