Modular Automation Platform, flexible and scalable for MICRO-ASSEMBLY operations.

  • Precise T0 and T1 assembly within 2.5 µ
  • Freely programmable and configurable
  • Direct drive numerical axes 2m/s
  • MMIeasy user-friendly Operator Interface (HMI)
  • Servo-Press with force and position control/monitoring
  • Stations and Modules auto-recognition & auto-calibration
  • Thermal effect compensation
  • Tool change < 15min

Fully integrated and customized solutions for :

  • Testing
  • Feeding
  • Inline production
  • Communication management from/to ERP, CAPC, MES



The tour continues

We invite you to pursue your virtual Ciposa tour.

Discover the heart of our CIMOD AS.4. The reference machine in watch µassembly, with more than 50 units running.

The machine that brings modularity to your production.

You will even better understand the passion, which drives women and men who develop these µassembly machines.

To board the tour, please click on the picture below.

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