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"For CIPOSA, a satisfied customer is a happy customer who succeeds and comes back."
Florian Stauffer, CEO


Meetings and Innovations: Ciposa's Open Day

From October 30 to November 10, 2023, Ciposa renewed the experience of its open days, an event that has made a lasting impression since its first event in 2020. These two weeks, described as “EVENT”, provided an opportunity to deepen the company's relationships with clients, prospects, suppliers, partners, and students through high-quality exchanges.

More than 20 companies, including current and potential clients, were invited to discover Ciposa's latest innovations. The program included guided tours of the workshops and detailed presentations of the new machines. A special day was dedicated to suppliers, allowing them to see the assembly systems in action and understand the integration of their products in a real operational context. These meetings also provided Ciposa with the opportunity to share its strategy and the expectations of its partners.

The company also opened its doors to students from the Technische Schule Biel, reinforcing its commitment to the local educational community. A new feature this year was the organization of two thematic days that focused on the circular economy, illustrating its impacts on the industrial sector through interactive workshops.

"Matchmaking Day," in collaboration with Microcity, focused mainly on ecological responsibility. This day, open upon registration, attracted various market players and was enriched by high-level conferences led by experts such as Philippe Cordonier from SwissMEM, Marco Aloe from dgtis, Yves Pelletier from Ciposa, and Prof. Patrick Neuenschwander from He-arc Neuchâtel. Discussions covered futuristic topics such as the future of technological manufacturing and the optimization of energy management through data analysis.

The two-week event concluded on a convivial note: an afternoon dedicated to Ciposa employees and their families, which began with a workshop tour and ended with raclette in the Innoparc dining hall, symbolizing the warmth and community spirit of the company.

These open house days not only strengthened Ciposa's relationships with its stakeholders but also highlighted its role as an innovative market leader in the precision assembly field.


Ciposa Expands into the Connectivity Market with a Promising First Order

As part of its diversification strategy into new markets, Ciposa, renowned for its expertise in micro-assembly, has recently reached a significant milestone. In 2023, the company received a major order for an assembly machine intended for a company operating in the dynamic connectivity sector.

The management of Ciposa, having identified an interesting opportunity in this market, acted on a clear observation: the growing trend towards miniaturization in our daily lives. This evolution constantly demands smaller components that have to be assembled with higher precision – a challenge perfectly aligned with Ciposa's historical know-how. Because the platforms, initially developed for the watchmaking sector, have proven to be perfectly suited to the requirements of this new field.

The first contact with the company occurred during an exhibition. Due to the miniaturization of its components, the company was seeking a new supplier, as the traditional automatic assembly technologies in its sector were no longer suitable for this miniaturization. "The realization of this offer required a creative approach to meet the sector's strict specifications," explains Ciposa's project manager. The experience of the Neuchâtel-based company in watchmaking micro-assembly, combined with Switzerland's economic stability, reassured this European company to entrust its project to Ciposa.

This initial success paved the way for a second order for a linear assembly line, designed to assemble similar products at a higher rate. This order highlights Ciposa's adaptability, capable of offering both modular platforms with quick series changes and specialized assembly lines for unique high-speed operations.

This progress marks a turning point for Ciposa in the connectivity sector, demonstrating its ability to innovate and adapt to the diverse demands of modern industrial production.


Ciposa: Innovating to Better Manage Growth

Ciposa, well known for its innovations in the field of micro-assembly, is in the phase of a significant expansion, as evidenced by its increasing revenue. However, increasing incoming orders alone does not guarantee the company's sustainability. Ciposa's goal remains to fully satisfy its customers by adhering to quality standards and delivery deadlines.

Considering these challenges, Ciposa has not only increased its workforce from 51 to 71 employees within a year but also conducted a deep reorganization by adopting the Collaborative Micro-Factory (MUC) model that is described in the following article.

Simultaneously, Ciposa has implemented an outsourcing strategy and outsourced the assembly of standard bases for some of its platforms. This approach allows the company to focus on its core business: the development of machines. The development of a new software platform, in collaboration with the company dgtis, has also contributed to shortening the duration of development with a new framework that facilitates the work of designers.

A notable innovation in human resources management will also be introduced: the role of "business expert." These experts, in addition to their usual responsibilities, will also be responsible for training and coaching new employees, which accelerates their skill development.

Finally, to ensure the sustainability of these changes, Ciposa began a reorganization of its production tools in 2023 and integrated the principles of the "lean" method, aiming to optimize production processes and reduce waste.

This series of transformations demonstrates Ciposa's commitment to adapting its organizational structure to better meet the demands of a constantly evolving market and to ensure sustainable growth.


Ciposa Innovates with the Adoption of Collaborative Micro-Factories for Optimized Management

In December 2023, Ciposa reached a significant milestone in its development, now employing 72 employees, an increase of 21 from the end of 2022. On this growth journey, the company's steering committee made a strategic decision: the reorganization of the structure into four Collaborative Micro-Factories (MUC).

This reorganization aims to divide the company into small entities of 15 to 25 people. The goal is twofold: to strengthen knowledge and automatisms among colleagues and to develop a relationship of trust and deep understanding with client teams while specifically focusing on their operational fields.

The idea to transform Ciposa's hierarchical structure emerged in 2019 with the goal of creating a more horizontal organization. This evolution materialized through an agile approach and distributed governance, where decisions are made closest to the field, allowing for greater responsiveness and adaptability.

During a retrospective day held at the end of 2023, employees had the opportunity to choose their preferred CMF, whether based on products or personal affinities. Key roles within each CMF, such as coordinators and planners, were also assigned by the members of each unit.

These Micro-Factories operate with complete autonomy and are responsible for managing resources and delivering machines on schedule. They also play a crucial role in the financial outcomes of the projects.

The aim of the MUCs is to meet the specific needs of clients by understanding the challenges they face in order to better respond to them. For instance, the CMF dedicated to supplies handles the production of machines for assembling watch components, such as center, minute, or escape wheels, as well as anchors or balances, while the CMF for blanks focuses on manufacturing machines for fitting watches with stones, pillars, or pins.

This new structure, perfectly aligned with Ciposa's values, is designed not only to improve internal efficiency but also to better serve clients and build a promising future for the company.


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