Welding, marking or cutting laser system integration


Flexible and modular CNC laser welding system with up to 1μm resolution

  • Machine base in natural granite on welded frame
  • Numerical X-Y table driven by linear motors
  • High-accuracy numerical Z vertical axe for the mounting of various laser heads types/brands
  • Fully controlled through a PLC with an user-friendly Operator Interface (HMI) 

Many possible options or variants

Dividing head with quick-clamping system

Special orientable laser head supports

Additional head provided with CCD camera for servo positioning/tracking

Cold light optical-fiber lightning

CCD visualization/control kit

Additional information display

CAM software development and integration for specific applications

Applications and Market sectors



Medical devices/components

Watches parts


Axial, radial, longitudinal welding

Mainly YAG fiber technology

Welding, Cutting, Marking, Texturing

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