Multifunctional Workbench

A Workbench especially designed for the Micro-Assembly of components in manual and/or semi-automatic modes.

Processes can be easily integrated by means of standards "plug-and-play" Modules that are simply to set.

Fully integrated and customized solutions for:

  • Testing
  • Feeding
  • Inline production
  • Communication management from/to ERP, CAPC, MES

"plug &play" modules

Smart-feeding module Modufeed

Servo press with stroke and force control



Torque measurement/control

Micro-Screwing with position, torque, force management

Vision control/measurement



Liquids Micro-dispensing

Examples of applications

Pallets insertion inside anchor with force and position control/measurement

Diamonds screening and sorting

Surgery implants subassemblies assembly, control and marking

Dental implants subassemblies assembly, control and marking

Threading of suture thread into suture needles

Surgery tools parts induction welding

Surgery tools parts laser welding/marking

Micro-coiling of coils for watches movements

Reagent micro-dispensing for POC diagnostic disposable cartridges

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