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The CEO's 100 days in 4 questions

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Ciposa made torque control solution

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Collaborators take part in a first-aid course

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The new 2022 collaborators


In our Ciposa NEWS of last March, we informed you of the forthcoming Jürg Nufer Ciposa CEO retirement. In this edition we will talk with his successor, Florian Stauffer. He will give us his first impressions in an interview that we have entitled "The CEO's 100 days in 4 questions".

Then, Vincent Rieger will talk about the development and industrialization project of the new torque control solution, for which he is responsible.

To handle its activities expansion, Ciposa hired nine collaborators since the beginning of this year. We propose that you get to know them through the answer they gave to the question: "What is the sentence that best defines you”?

Finally, we will share with you some information about the first aid course organized for collaborators.

Ciposa's team joins this newsletter and wishes you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2023.

The CEO's 100 days in 4 questions

We'll be talking to Florian Stauffer, to better understand his vision for Ciposa.

Ciposa NEWS: Hello Florian, let me start by asking you: "What have you learnt from these first 100 days?

Florian Stauffer: This is clearly a new step for me, I never thought that the gap between COO and CEO was so big. I would say it was intense and very exciting! I received a lot of congratulations and encouragement from customers, partners and friends. It was a very rewarding time and it allowed me to see how much people believe in CIPOSA.

My main learning is that we chose the right people to assist me in this project. The 7 month trip with my family, just before I took up my new role, was the best way to realize this.

This trip was the last step of a transition process that has been organized in the last 5 years. I was able to start perfectly rested and full of energy.

But this break allowed me to get out of the operation and to let my colleagues do their work, without being in their way... And it was very successful, I became unnecessary ;-) !

Today I realize that being a CEO means taking on the role of the "driver" who puts all his energy into boosting the company, transmitting his vision and setting up the company's culture.

CN: A significant fact of these 100 days?

Florian: A bit of unexpected growth, we have just step-over the 50 employees! It was a real challenge to hire 9 new people in this full employment period! (Challenge won).

I thought we would face a recession, resulting from the Ukrainian conflict, the fuel and electricity prices increase. Instead, we have an excellent order backlog, above our expectations.

CN: How would you define Ciposa's development strategy?

Florian: We are focused! Today, our strategy has been to identify our centers of excellence, to focus our development efforts and resources, to strengthen our skills and not waste our energy elsewhere.

This know-how is now useful to develop other markets such as MedTech and electro technology.

Europe will also face many challenges in the coming years, even if only to become less dependent on Asia. Companies like Ciposa will have an important role to play in these reindustrialization projects.

CN: Thank you, Florian, for this interview. I'll finish by asking you what we can wish you at the end of this year?

Florian: Nothing for me! Ask colleagues. They will certainly answer components availability and success to deliver our customers on time.

One more important point, we are looking for several talents to give us the capacity to satisfy our customers.

I would like to conclude by saying that I am pleasantly surprised that our corporate culture makes it easier for us to achieve this goal. Because our maxim is: "At CIPOSA, a satisfied customer is a happy, successful and recurring customer."

Ciposa made torque control solution

Ciposa NEWS: Hello Vincent, to begin with, it seems interesting for me to understand what motivated this new development?

Vincent Rieger: It was the result of discussions with customers on trade fairs that we identified an interest in a screwdriving system for very small screws with highly accurate torque measurement.

In 2005, we realized that the screwdriving solutions available on the market only partially met our customers' requirements and future developments. However, it was only in 2016 that we decided to develop our own screwdriving module with torque measurement.

4 versions were produced in the first 2 years. Then, in 2020, we stabilized the product in its version 5. The concept of our system also gave us the opportunity to apply for a patent in 2020.

Version 6 will be available soon. A machine to be delivered in a few months will be equipped with it, and we already have several projects scheduled for 2023.

CN: What was the most difficult challenge?

Vincent: The close combination of software and mechanics has certainly been the major challenge for us. We must provide our customers with an interpreted value, not just a raw measurement. This is essential for automatic use.

The other challenge is to be able to constantly add new features. The product is mature, but it is still evolving.

CN: What are the main improvements between version 5 and 6?

Vincent: The first is that we no longer need a gearbox. We now have a direct connection between the motor and the screwdriver head. This allows us to achieve more precise positioning, in a range of a hundredth of degree.

Design and assembly have also been simplified. This has reduced the quantity of components, assembly time and therefore manufacturing costs, while increasing reliability and lifetime.

Finally, we have equipped our module with a connector that can be installed horizontally as well as vertically.

CN: Thank you Vincent for all these explanations. One last question: "Why choosing the Ciposa torque and screwing control module"?

Vincent: CIPOSA module allows to measure very low torques without revolution limits. With its precise positioning, it is possible, for example, to map the torque of a barrel spring, or to check the friction of a catheter valve over 360°.

Collaborators take part in a first-aid course

Last August Ciposa, in collaboration with Lyreco, organized a first aid course for collaborators who wished to take part.

This half-day SRC-certified training, given by Mr. Salvatore Leotta, enabled the participants to learn the main reanimation measures to save lives.

They are now able to perform cardiopulmonary reanimation and defibrillation with an AED while waiting for professional first aid arrival.

This training, which was highly appreciated, also enabled everyone to know where the defibrillator was located.

The new 2022 collaborators

To better know our new employees, Ciposa NEWS asked them the following question: "What is the sentence that best represents you?"


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