Microparts handler

MICROPARTS HANDLER, the smallest machine in our CIMOD series range, is designed to palletize, tray-load or tube-fill micro-parts from bulk.
Thanks to its vision system, It allows dimensional sorting and/or aesthetic control.
This highly flexible machine is perfectly adapted for watch components, diamonds and is MedTech compliant.
Its modular design allows the addition of plug-in peripherals to match your production requirements and to be upgraded as your needs change.



  • Flexibility and simple integration of new recipes
  • Handling of parts geometrically different
  • Ergonomic, less than 1m2 (1000 x 850 x 1750 mm)
  • User-friendly vision, adapted to "shop-floor level"
  • Easy to use machine and vision
  • Compatibility, standard modules on connectors
  • Productivity, machine with self-diagnosis and auto-repair, for Operator-less production
  • Self-calibration            
  • MedTech compliant



  • Cycle time ≤ 1 second
  • Repeatability ± 10 µm
  • Rigidity, welded base frame (not dependent on external perturbations)
  • Up to 5 axes simultaneously
  • Touch screen



  • Component inspection by vision, with Pick & Place
  • Dimensional inspection and sorting
  • Aesthetic inspection and sorting in (IA)
  • Counting         
  • Packaging (pallet, tray, tube, wafer, etc.)
  • HMI with control of all functions (user management, batches, cycles, recipes and vision tools edition, machine parameters management, etc.)
  • Storage of all variable and application data (user management, log, audit trail, recipes/parameters, vision tool learning - pattern, ...) in a reliable and secure way, CFR 21 part 11 compliant



  • MODUFEED ©: smart feeding system with embedded vision
  • Θ axis
  • Tool changer
  • Dispensing module
  • Greased joints dispenser ©
  • Screwing with force and torque control and blade orientation when picking up the screw ©
  • Customized configuration possible



  • Watchmaking
  • Diamond
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
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Microparts handler

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