Automated Glue Micro-Dispensing on implantable electrodes


Implantable Medical Device

Intracranial Electrodes

Customer Intracranial Electrodes have specificities that make them "leading" in their field of application

Customer products are distributed in Europe and USA


International Company specialized in innovative intracranial electrode development and production

The Smart-Benches are installed on a line located in a new facility dedicated to intracranial electrodes manufacturing

The equipments feed the parts, weld, perform an encapsulation by glue MICRO-DISPENSING and electrically test around 35'000 electrodes per year

The Smart-Bench was acquired to:

  • Ensure the reliable manufacturing of a new product in a new facility
  • Automatize complex and high-precision tasks, that are difficult to carry out manually
  • Improve and strengthen the processes repeatability
  • 100% test the products at each production step

Project main requests and constraints

Product variants

  • Lengths to handle = 15 to 80 mm
  • Number of contacts to encapsulate = 4 to 15

Highly sensitive and fragile components:

  • Connection wires Ø = 70 μm
  • Flexible parts
  • High added value product

Automated product variant change by vision

Cleanroom class 5

Equipment main requirements

Manual loading of the main component validated by vision system

  • Control of the component correct positioning inside workpiece-holder
  • Contacts location and number control
  • Verification of the correspondence between the loaded component and the work-order/recipe

Thermocompression welding

  • Force and position control (to ensure welding quality and strength)
  • Welding vision control (Wire breakage detection)

Electrodes insulation

  • Contactless glue micro-dispensing by jetting (contactless = to avoid any risks of product degradation)
  • UV curing
  • Vision control of the encapsulation quality
  • Electrical test

Manual unloading and packaging of the finished product

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Implantable electrodes

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