Reel to Reel Exposure Machine

OPTOline 2300 LED

Single/Double side UV-LEDs exposure machine for reel to reel process

  • High power collimated LED system
  • CD’s accuracy 2.5μm
  • High precision die-set cam-driven system
  • High accuracy mask-to-mask gap control

Automated Vision System

Automated Vision System with PC for live control alignment of:

  • Mask-to-Mask
  • Mask-to-Product
  • Mask-to-Web 


Applications and Market sectors

Fine pitch Lead-frame

Flexible panel, touchscreen with narrow-bezel-pattern

High-end flexible PCB

High Precision Photo Etching Processes

  • Complex intricate metal structures
  • Metallic filigree
  • High-precision thin metal parts
  • High precision thin metal decorative structures


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