Bespoke Machines

"Tailor-made" equipments and machines according to Customers specifications and needs

In close collaboration with our Customers, from design phase to equipment commissioning, we will design and then build THE solution that fits to their needs.

An adapted solution for each production step

Small validation batches
Manuel bench or work-bench

Medium size lots
Semi-automated machine or smart-bench

Serial manufacturing
Fully automated machine or smart-bench

Mass production
Assembly, test and packing fully automated line

Examples of applications

  • Micro-nuts control, feeding, handling, positioning and screwing on balance
  • "pinion - stud" assembly/pressing
  • disk-plate assembly
  • slitting and strips winding of spring steel
  • feeding, sorting and assembly of surgery implants subassemblies
  • Crimping of locking-ring inside dental implant with final control and laser marking
  • Feeding, counting control and tyvek conditioning of surgical parts
  • Feeding, assembly and control a surgery tools

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