Watchmaking micro-dispensing

Challenges to face

For a reliable micro-lubrication process, several parameters must be mastered, such as:

  • Process repeatability weaknesses.
  • Homogeneity variations of the deposited products.
  • Impact of external physical variations, such as temperature or humidity.
  • Adequacy of pressure control.
  • More and more small and complex components and sub-assemblies.
  • Effective operating time.
  • Sedimentation effects.
  • Factors that influence the quantity deposited.
  • Cleaning and purging cycles system performances.

The proposed solution:

  • A micro-dispensing competence center to carry out functional tests.
  • A micro-lubrication head installed on a high rigidity multi-axis gantry, itself mounted on a granite base.
  • A concept not dependent on environmental influences, such as temperature, humidity or air pressure.

Auto-calibration of the needle position in space:

  • Consumable change without adjustment.
  • Correction over time.

Vision-driven system:

  • Automatic recipe loading according to the detected component.
  • Spatial positioning of the component.
  • Control and adjustment of the dosed amount.

Automatic needle cleaning

Key features:

  • Up to 5 numerical axes.
  • Compatible with all dispenser types.
  • Droplet deposition needle accuracy of ± 10 µm.
  • 1.0 nL minimum volume, with ± 5.0% repeatability.
  • 2 seconds cycle time per drop.

Applications examples:

  • Lubrication of all types of watch supplies.
  • Bearing greasing.
  • Incabloc® (shock absorber) lubrication.


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