Haematology tube management couldn’t be easier !

We developed a new system adapted to the market demand, that have the advantage to be compact and efficient in a philosophy of simplicity.

HITMAN is a bulk feeder compact for sorting tubes of haematology. It is designed to optimise efficiency and diminish errors within the laboratory by automating sample management and simplifying workflow in clinical pathology settings.

Our system can be placed as standalone modules or to uniquely integrate with analytical platforms.

HITMAN main characteristic

Compact bulk loader system (600 x 900mm)

Complete EDTA tube management

Short sample detection

Multi Rack output tray

Automated transfer rack to analyzer

Traceability of processed tubes

HMI user-friendly

No compressed air required

Bulk input

Standard input

Priority input


Continuous supply of loaded heamatology rack (CBC)

3 Customizable Rack tray output (Archive, ESR, HbA1c)

5 Customizable bulk output (Error, low volume, send away …)

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