Peel Protect® Selective Peelable Coating in partnership with Horlovia Chemicals

Solution for temporary selective coating dispensing

The Product Peel Protect® designed and developed by Horlovia Chemicals:

- Peelable Coating without residues

- Low viscosity liquid base

- Fully transparent

- Application by DOD (Drop On Demand)

- Air or UV drying

Dispensing solution:

- High accuracy contactless droplet deposition,

   Position +/- 10 µm

   Dimension +/- 10 µm

   Frequency 1’500 Hz

- Compatible with a wide range of fluids and substrates

- Integrated Solution, unique on the market:

   Easy to Use thanks to HMI (Human Machine Interface)

   Automatic dispensing path calculation software

   Additive manufacturing: Dispensing on 3 simultaneous axes


- Value-added parts protection (temporary)

- Fast and inexpensive micro-scratch protection

- Coating during manufacturing steps (avoids rework due to micro scratches)