Ciposa solutions in watchmaking industry cover a wide application range such as :

  • Micro-Assembly on our modular, flexible and scalable Automation platform CIMOD AS.4
  • Small components feedings with our "smart-feeding" modules Modufeed
  • Small components precise handling by mean of our modular free transfer systems
  • High precision pressing, crimping, fitting using our modules with force and position monitoring and control
  • Micro-screwing with torque measurement and control
  • Small/Micro components counting and sorting
  • Liquids micro-dosing and micro-dispensing (lubricants, glues, reagents)
  • High precision laser micromachining and/or micro-marking (data-matrix, barre-codes, UDI codes) integration
  • Vision measurement and control development and integration
  • Machines pallets, trays or boxes loading/unloading management modules

                  Most of these applications are designed as modules that can be easily integrated into our :