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As company specialized in MICRO-ASSEMBLY, we design, develop and build flexible and modular equipments dedicated to small/very small components assembly and control.

Since more than 54 years (1966) in the cradle of watchmaking industry, we logically specialized in the assembly and testing of components that require high accuracy and high technology.

Our main activity sectors are:


  • A manual bench for the assembly of testing lots or devices in development phase,
  • A semi-automated machine for the production and control of small to medium batches size,
  • A fully-automated assembly and control equipment,
  • An industrial assembly and test line,

We provide to our customers customized, reliable and efficient solutions.



Flying over tour

Our drone invites you to a flying over tour of Ciposa's workshops and technical offices.

You will discover the secrets of how women and men passionately develop the µassembly machines dedicated to your future production.

To get on board, please click on the picture below.




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