Smart Bench Monitored Assembly

CIMED-SB Monitored Assembly Smart-Bench

Based on our standard Smart-Bench platform CIMED-SB

Manual, fully or semi-automated microparts feeding system, for parts down to 1.0 mm size

Removable modules and stations for a wide range of processes and applications

Work-piece-holders with active mechanisms and poke yokes

Usuals general requirements for components positioning repeatability on all the workspace ≤ ±25 μm

Vision station, with pre-validated software, for:

  • Parts recognition, orientation, measurement and control
  • Operator assistance (digital magnification)
  • Final inspection

Main processes already implemented

  • Mechanical assemblies: pressing, crimping, screwing, insertion
  • Welding assemblies: US, induction,
  • Others: gluing, drilling, winding

All materials types processed: stainless steel, metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, organics

Wide range of applications in MedTech

Monitored assembly of:

Implantable medical devices:

Active implants

  • Pacemakers and defibrillators
  • Pumps and valves
  • Neurostimulators

Surgery tools


Manual, fully or semi-automated microparts feeding

For parts down to 1.0 mm size

Vision station with pre-validated software

Positioning repeatability on all the workspace ≤ ±25 μm

Very wide range of applications

CIMED equipments series for MedTech applications

Automated machines CIMED-ASMed

Smart-Benches CIMED-SB

Designed and built to be used in MedTech field

Standard modules based on GAMP®5 guidelines

Software framework for an easier and faster CFR 21 part 11 validation

Adapted and flexible solutions for each production step

DFA, POC, validation batches, small and medium series, large-scale

Reliable, flexible and scalable basic design

For a wide range of MedTech applications and processes   

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