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Slitting machine 1700 series

One of the most important steps in flexible-PCB/BGA/µBGA production is to cut the raw material Polyimid/Capton/Epoxy-glass/Polyester/Copper (usually supplied in width of 12 to 24 inches) in strip width of 16, 35, 70 or 150 mm. This operation requires great attention, as only accurate cut and minimum camber will guarantee the next manufacturing step's precision.

A second application to slitting is when the product is manufactured in multiple strips. In that case those are separated only before the final inspection.

The difference between the two operations is that in the second case the slitting reference corresponds to the sprocket holes (film perforations) as those are use to drive and guide the strip on the machine. The machine described here corresponds to the second operation and can be adapted for the first one.

slitting machine 1700 series

  • Increasing volume of production
  • Increasing other equipment's availability
  • Reduction of production lead times
  • Better efficiency of machines investment
  • Improvement of floor space utilization
  • Accuracy of slit strips
  • Fast exchangeable tooling
  • Slitting principle: Continuous
  • Cutting tools: Adjusted hardened cutting rollers
  • Driving system: Sprocket holes or direct contact

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