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UV exposure system for BGA and flexible substrates
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OPTOline flex 100 / 150

UV exposure system for BGA and flexible substrates

in the process of etch product manufacturing, one of the operation consists of exposing the film, or the copper web previously coated with photoresist, through a mask.

the photo imaging machine has been especially designed for that purpose. its operation consists of handling the film or the copper web very accurately and to position it accurately in a window. the film or copper web is then exposed with a uv light source with a collimated beam of light.

this operation is very critical and require extreme precision and cleanness. the environment in which such equipment is installed typically is a clean room (class 1000).

optoline flex uv exposure system for bga and flexible substrates

  • high throughput
  • collimated high intensity exposure light beam for hdi products
  • automatic optical alignment mask to product and mask to mask
  • single or double side exposure
  • quick production change
  • reel to reel, in-line version available
  • user friendly
  • robust construction
  • exposure area: 100 x 100 (4x4") or 150 x 150 mm (6x6")
  • exposure type: proximity
  • optical alignment: mask to mask
  • lamp: mercury short arc lamp 2 kw air-cooled.

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